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Established in 1997.

Heartwood Bows is dedicated to the crafting of the finest custom bows, proudly handmade in Africa.



Woodlands Longbow

Base Price ZAR6800

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Buffalo Longbow

Base Price: ZAR6800.00

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Bushbuck Hybrid Bow

Base Price: ZAR6900.00


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Services provided includes:

  • Creating custom, personalized traditional bows
  • Consultation on all aspects of traditional archery
  • Selling various archery accessories and self crafting materials
  • Film Industry: 16 years of hands on experience in set technical advisory, cast, stunt crew and extra’s training
  • Stunt Shooting
  • Supplier of standard archery props.
  • Supplier of customized archery props


For inquiries and orders, please email us

Please Note: Your email inquiry will be attended to within 12 to 24 hours.


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